Do PPC Campaigns Work?

A pay-per-click advertising program is an excellent way to get visitors to your site when you need a quick increase in traffic. However, a pay-per-click advertising program can also be difficult. A PPC campaign can cost you a lot of money, generate traffic and then have nothing to show for it. The following pay per click guide will help you to understand the general strategies and give you an example of what you should do in order to get the benefits of PPC management.

What is PPC Advertising?

Pay per click marketing is actually very simple. All the major search engines provide their listings on a per-bid basis. This is in addition to their natural form of search results which come from SEO marketing. However, both forms of marketing rely on a combination of keywords, link popularity and other specific formula.

By placing the highest bid for a specific keyword or a set of keywords then you will get number one rankings in these paid listings. These paid ads are now displayed above or to the right side of natural rankings on most major search engines. Once someone clicks on your PPC listing they come to your site and you are charged for the amount you bid. So for example if you bid fifteen cents on a keyword and a hundred people used the link to visit your site then you would be charged fifteen dollars.

The Benefits of PPC Marketing

A pay per click advertising program can be an excellent way to increase traffic to your website right away. Basically, pay per click is simple since you can get top placement if you pay enough and therefore potential customers can come to you before anyone else. Some companies notice clicks the moment they activate their ads.

Pay per click advertising is also flexible. Other forms of search engine marketing are weeks or months behind audience behavior changes. Whereas, with pay per click advertising you can change most campaigns within hours or days. This gives you better ability to adjust to changing market conditions.

The Basics of PPC Advertising

While most business can afford to base all of their advertising on PPC since it is too expensive, it can help fill some basic marketing roles for your company. Consider the areas where PPC advertising can help you.

First it can help you with campaign and issue based traffic. If you have a new product, service or special issue then you can use pay per click advertising for an excellent short term campaign and generate a lot of buzz. Within 24 to 48 hours you can easily start a pay per click campaign and adjust your message easily if you need to. PPC is perfect if you have a campaign that you can't focus a lot of time and attention on.

Second is can help with direct response business. PPC advertising is excellent for those who have a product or offer that people can buy the moment they go to your website. Every click is a potential customer and spending your money on increasing your traffic makes sense.

Finally you can use it for niche terms. This is for those who want to generate high traffic for a specific key phrase. So you can easily get a top bid on a keyword that specifically matches your product so others won't cause the bid to go higher.

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